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Train yourself to the highest standard with Kawasaki

Why train with KRTS?

What you get with KRTS:

  • Training and service to the highest standards from the Motorcycle Industry Association and Kawasaki approved providers.
  • Free advice & guidance from the KRTS Contact Centre.
  • Insurance premium discounts for KRTS course completion, offered by major UK Insurance Underwriters.
  • To train on well-maintained quality Kawasaki machines.
  • Equipped with clean and proper fitting protective gear.
  • £100 voucher towards the purchase of a New Kawasaki.
  • £50 voucher towards the purchase of a Used Kawasaki.
  • Central financing option so you can spread the cost of your training to suit.
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KRTS Standard Courses

Please contact your school for any applicable KRTS offers.

  • Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience
  • 'Come on, have a go, you'll love it' Designed for the complete novice, the Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience will leave you wanting more. You will spend 90 minutes at your MCIAC accredited training school in a safe off road environment at a pace to suit you. Once you are kitted out with safety equipment, you will be introduced to an automatic motorcycle and you'll be shown how to accelerate, steer and brake. If you feel confident, and the instructor agrees, you'll get to try out a geared bike too. This time you'll be shown how to balance the throttle and clutch and gear changing too. You can ask your instructor all about how to get a licence and they can explain the next stages to becoming a 'biker', or you can just walk away, with a massive grin on your face!
  • £49.00
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  • Compulsory Basic Training
  • Great news, you've decided to ride a motorcycle. Compulsory Basic Training or CBT as it is referred to, is the first step you need to take in the world of motorcycling. You can chose to do the CBT course as a 'standalone' activity for just £135 or it can be the precursor to full licence via a Direct Access Course (combined prices are available). You will learn the basic skills on one of our quality Kawasaki machines and be under the guidance of a qualified instructor. They will introduce you five 'elements' designed to make your riding both safe and enjoyable. Element A is all about what kit to wear. Element B is an introduction to the bike itself. Now the real fun starts! Element C is learning how to control the machine. Certain skills will be explained to you, then demonstrated before being encouraged to have a go yourself. Element D is an informal question and answer session where your instructor will give real term advice on riding on the public roads. Then the bit you've been waiting for Element E – a minimum of 2 hours out on the road. This will consolidate your learning for the day and hopefully culminate in the issue of a DL196 a CBT certificate. If not, there are no problems, it's just you may need some more training. This can be offered to you at £125 for a further full day or £90 for 4 hours and can be discussed with your instructor. For more detail on what the CBT entails, look at the 'How to get started' tab.
  • £135.00
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  • Kawasaki Licence Upgrade Course
  • This bespoke 2½ day course has been specially designed for those who already have motorcycle licence, ride regularly and want to move to the next licence stage (for example A2 to Full A licence). On Day 1 you will be introduced to the bigger bike. Again, this bike will be one of our fantastic Kawasaki range suitable for you to take your tests on. Your instructor will take you through the exercises that you will need to master to be able to take the Module 1 (MOD 1) DVSA test. Day 2 will find you out on the road practicing for your Module 2 (MOD 2) or 'road ride' part of your test. Here, your Instructor will coach you in answering some vehicle safety questions, normally referred to as 'show me tell me' questions. They will coach in performing normal stops and angled starts (pulling out from behind and parked vehicle) and a hill start, all of which could be part of your 40 minute DVSA test. You will practice on various road types (but not motorways) and also have a go at independent riding. This will again feature in your DVSA test for about 10 minutes and is designed to assess your ability to ride safely whilst making decisions. At the end of Day 2 you will go to take the MOD 1 test. You will then need to leave at least three working days before coming back. On Day 3 (the half day), you will be taken to the MOD 2 test. (Please note the cost of this course does not include any test fees, Theory Test if required £23, Module 1 £15.50, Module 2 £75.00)
  • £490.00*
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    • Kawasaki Bespoke Rider Training Services
    • Because here at Kawasaki we know that you lead full and busy lives, we have put together a bespoke rider training package that can be tailored to fit your needs. Your MCIAC accredited training school will arrange to meet you for training at a mutually convenient time. It may be early or late in the day or at weekends only, either way we are confident that we can meet your needs. Training will take place at your pace and, at a cost of only £185 per day, can continue until you and your instructor feels you are ready to achieve whatever level of test it is you want. We can also tailor your CBT lesson too. Just ask for details and lets work together to see what works best for you.
    • £185.00 (per day)
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    • Kawasaki Rider Training Licence Course
    • New to riding? Why not book the entire package together? This 5 day course is designed for those of you who want to go from 'walker' to 'rider'. The MCIAC accredited training school will take you through all the elements required to attain a full DVSA test pass at the end of the course. You will ride Kawasaki's fantastic range of motorcycles during the course, from CBT (see tab for full course details), on to practice and take a MOD 1 test (see details above), then out on the road to practice and your road skills culminating with the taking of the MOD 2 test (see details above). The one off payment of £890 will include all test fees with the exception of the Theory Test which will need to be taken prior to attending the course. This is a great opportunity to build up rapport with the MCIAC trainer and work with them towards achieving your full licence. (age restrictions will dictate which licence you can achieve).(Whilst this course includes test and training fees in the unlikely event that you fail either of the tests, retest fees and extra training costs will be incurred)
    • £890.00 (5 days)
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Optional KRTS Courses

  • Commuter Plus
  • If you have a current DL196 (CBT pass certificate) but would like to build your skill set to make you safer on that daily commute, this course is for you. The Kawasaki Commuter Plus course will be held over 4 hours, costs £90 and will be on a two student to one MCICA qualified instructor basis (one to one instruction may be available at an extra charge). The roads you ride on will be predominantly urban and the instructor will introduce to situations you will likely be facing every day on that daily commute. They will give you hints and tips on subjects such as conspicuity, filtering and road positioning. This is an essential training tool to make that daily journey as safe as possible.
  • £90.00
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  • Kawasaki Specific Post-Test Rider Development
  • Now you've passed your test there is still so much more to learn and so much more enjoyment to get from your riding. Wouldn't it be nice to tailor training to your specific needs and wants? Now you can! Kawasaki's Specific Post-Test Rider Development course is just for you. You will be able to speak with your Instructor and formulate a lesson plan that is bespoke for the training you want to do. For £185 a day, you can spend all the time in the areas of development that you want. Whether it is instruction on cornering and limit point analysis, overtaking and separation distance, or just an overall package to raise your skills, this training will help you achieve in these areas. Your course, your way.
  • £185.00 (per day)
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  • Kawasaki Demonstration Days
  • Have you ever fancied a buying a new bike but found it difficult to get a test ride? Do you think it's unreasonable that some manufacturers don't encourage demo rides but expect you to make a buying decision? Well Kawasaki have addressed this just for you. For just £75 for three hours you can come and join a group to try out the great machines that Kawasaki has to offer. Taking place on an enjoyable route with up to eight customers, under the watchful eye of your Instructor who will engineer regular stops to answer any questions, change machines so you can experience more than one, so you can see how the machine feels and more importantly gather useful information before you make that commitment to buy.
  • £75.00 (3 Hours)
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  • Initial Riding Assessment
  • So, you have your DL196 (CBT Pass Certificate) and you're thinking about getting a full licence but at the moment you're just not sure if it's for you. The Kawasaki Initial Riding Assessment is right up your street. For just £35, with the assistance of your Instructor and on a quality Kawasaki motorcycle (of the required output depending on your licence), you can spend an hour deciding if this is the way you want to progress and receive quality feedback on the best way to do so. However, after the experiencing the Kawasaki machines we're sure you'll be wanting to book a Kawasaki full licence course!
  • £35.00 (per hour)
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